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CLW5250TPBT5 Detail - Suizhou Liyuan Trading Co., Ltd
Detailed parameters
CLW5250TPBT5  Model technical parameters
Name: CLW5250TPBT5 Exterior size(mm): 10450,10000×2500×3150
Chassis: EQ1258VFJ2 Container size(mm): ××
Total weight :(kg) 24700 Approach angle/ Departure angle(° ) 23/13,23/12
Payload:(kg) 12755 Front suspension/rear suspension(mm): 1250/3100,1250/3150,1450/2900,1450/2950
Kerb Mass:(kg) 11750(Kg) Max Speed(km/h): 90,80
Chassis parameters
Chassis: EQ1258VFJ2 Axle weight: 6700/18000(二轴组)
Number of axles: 3 Fuel Type: Diesel fuel
Wheelbase(mm): 4350+1300,4750+1300,5350+1300,5850+1350 Fronttread(mm): 1960,1980
Max people in cab: 3 Rear tread(mm): 1860/1860
Number of tires: 10 Number of spring axle: 9/10
Tire Type: 10.00-20,11.00-20,11.00R20
introduction: 该车仅用于运送不可拆解物体。防护材料:Q235A碳钢,连接方式:左右侧面与平板纵梁采用焊接连接, 后部斜坡与后防护干涉,故后防护豁免,后部离地高度(mm):490。外形长度尺寸/前悬/轴距/后悬对应关系为:10000=1250(1450)+4350+1300+3100(2900);10450=1250(1450)+4750+1300+3150(2950)。随底盘选装驾驶室,该车安装带有卫星定位功能的行驶记录仪。该车选用发动机型号: YC6A240-50, ISB210 50对应的油耗值分别为(L/100k
Engine parameters
Type Manufacturer Displacement(ml) Power(kw)
YC6A240-50 广西玉柴机器股份有限公司 7520 177
other parameters
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